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ProteinVite CT-F™ features a new, easily assimilated poultry protein in peptide form for patients who need low-allergy-potential supplementation. This versatile protein supplement is an ideal way to safely increase protein. Also available, ProteinVite CT™ (K144) with no added flavorings.



  • 5 grams of poultry protein (peptides) in each scoop
  • Sourced from European poultry raised and processed in compliance with strict European Union regulations
  • Cutting-edge production methodology using proprietary food enzymes (organic catalysts) breaks down the proteins to low-dalton, short peptide chains to optimize protein digestion and assimilation*
  • Low-molecular-weight peptides have a lower allergy/reactivity potential
      » 70% below 4000 dalton (< 35 amino acid units)
      » 25% below 200 dalton (≤ 2 amino acid units)
  • Well-balanced amino acid profile
  • Offers a complete protein that can be added to water, a beverage of choice, or ClearVite-CT™, -GL™, or -GLB™
  • Fruity taste (optimized with 8 to 10 ounces of water)


  • Supports energy metabolism and enhances protein intake*
  • Can be used as part of a detox program for individuals with certain food sensitivities*
  • Ideal for athletes, elderly, and those in need of low-allergy-potential protein supplementation


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