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Fibromin helps support the colon, sugar metabolism, and lipid metabolism with a spectrum of soluble and insoluble fibers.*
The formula features water-soluble fibers as apple pectin, guar gum, and high-quality, standardized flaxseed bran. Generally, dietary fibers, especially soluble ones, may delay stomach emptying, and thus the rate of digestion and absorption, including carbohydrates.*



  • A good source of soluble and insoluble fiber for healthy blood sugar metabolism*
  • Flaxseed bran for glycemic control and omega-3 fatty acid balance*
  • Fermentable fiber for SCFA production*


  • Provides support for sugar and lipid metabolism, and microbial environment*
  • Supports healthy stool bulk and transit*
  • Supports colon health*
  • Supports metabolism and intestinal mucosal barrier and immunity*


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