Butyric FBR


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Butyric-FBR is a specialized prebiotic and postbiotic formula designed to boost microbiome diversity.* This formula supports the effectiveness of butyric acid in the gut by combining it with key fibers.* Butyric-FBR also supports many facets of gut-systemic communication.*



  • Provides 250 mg of butyric acid and 1000 mg of fiber complex per serving
  • Utilizes a combination of sodium and magnesium butyrate
  • Includes a variety of fibers to increase the growth and diversity of commensal microorganisms, such as inulin from Jerusalem artichoke*
  • Includes fennel seed to help alleviate potential gas caused by fiber consumption*


  • Supports the growth and variety of beneficial gut bacteria*
  • Supports the health and function of intestinal epithelial cells*
  • Supports intestinal barrier function through tight-junction protein synthesis*
  • Supports digestive health and function, metabolism, and healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels already within the normal range*
  • Supports healthy cytokine activity within the gastrointestinal tract*


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